Update your WordPress to avoid hacking

wordpressHacking. This is nothing new. Hackers are constantly trying to get into servers. Not necessarily to steal your information but to most likely use your server power to do something else. WordPress is historically very open because there are ways to get into a server from a WordPress installation. There are two things you can do to insure your business isn’t negatively impacted by hackers.

1. Have a backup process in place and know what it is and how the recovery works. Most hosting companies offer rollback services that will reinstall your files from a previous date. Don’t assume this is in place.

2. Check that your WordPress is updated, including all plugins. You should see a message from WordPress when you login asking you to upgrade. If you see this – do it. Note, if you have a very large amount of posts and pages on your WordPress install you should not just upgrade without being sure you have a backup.

You can check the status of your WordPress install using this link:


If you have been hacked don’t panic. Call 877-572-4948 if you need assistance.

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