Best Practices for Facebook Videos in 2021

Video marketing is the top performing digital content type, driving more views, engagement and response than any other social posting option. If video content is part of your holiday marketing strategy, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the best it can be. With so much shopping taking place online, the right video content can help your brand stand out and capture more sales. 

Below are the best video practices to apply to your Facebook videos to boost performance. 

Add a 3-5 Second Trailer 

Facebook recommends adding a short preview at the beginning of your video. This has always been popular on YouTube, but now it’s available on Facebook as well. You can take a snippet from your video and add it onto the start to give viewers a reason to stick around and watch your content. 

Frame Your Video 

Most people watch videos just a couple inches from their face and also in a vertical format so they don’t have to turn their phone. For better engagement rates, try framing your visual story using a 4:5 aspect ratio. Facebook reports significantly improved performance for some videos by switching from 19:1 to 4:5 orientation. 

Respond to Comments 

Another thing you can do to improve your video content is to respond to comments on your video posts. You should be doing this anyway because it keeps the conversation going, increases engagement and shows people that you’re listening. If it’s easier, you can use Creator Studio to respond to both Facebook and Instagram video comments. 

Create Authentic Videos 

Don’t just create video content for the heck of it. Put together relevant, engaging videos that your audience will want to watch. Make them original (not from third parties) and avoid using them as clickbait. As long as your videos are helpful to your audience and spark meaningful interest, you should have no trouble getting authentic views and shares. 

Limit Your Length 

While some research does support longer videos, we often find it’s best to keep them between 15 and 90 seconds. On social media, people don’t generally settle in to watch long videos. They enjoy short clips before they move onto the next thing. If you have a longer or meatier topic you want to cover, break up your content into a series of short videos. 

Add Captioning 

Many Facebook users keep their volume turned down, especially when they’re in a public space. Having captions hooks people in so they can understand your video without sound. They may choose to turn on the sound to enjoy your video, but even if they don’t, the captioning gets your messaging across. 

Make Video a Part of Your 2021 Social Media Marketing Plan

This year, video content will continue to be a critical part of your social media marketing strategy. Thankfully, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have introduced a number of tools to make video content easier to watch and enjoy on mobile devices. To discuss your options for taking your social media marketing strategy to the next level, contact Yovia Social today

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