Twitter Launches ‘Twitter Blue’ – a New Paid Prescription

Twitter Blue has been in testing for a while and now it’s here, with Twitter officially launching their first-ever subscription offering. Its purpose is to provide power features to those who use Twitter regularly. Users will pay a monthly fee to gain access to a wide range of additional tweet features and tools that can help with social media marketing

Currently, Twitter Blue is rolling out to users in Canada and Australia for $3.49 and $4.49 a month, respectively. While we don’t know when it will become available to U.S. users, we can expect that it will be sometime soon. 

What Features are Included in Twitter Blue? 

Free Twitter is not going away – nor will it ever be according to the social media giant. This subscription is simply meant as a way to provide enhanced features to frequent users. Let’s check out the various tools included with Twitter Blue and if they will be a helpful addition to your business. 

Undo Tweets 

‘Undo tweets’ lets users retract their tweets within 30 seconds of posting. If you happen to post a tweet with spelling or grammatical errors, you can retract it within those 30 seconds. This is the closest thing Twitter has to tweet editing and it’s a great perk for businesses that post frequently. As we know, it takes just seconds for the world to see what you post. 

Bookmark Folders 

This tool allows users to categorize their saved tweets into assigned topic folders. This makes it easy to manage your saved content so you can find it quickly and easily. Twitter is currently experimenting with ecommerce listings in tweets, so we can see this bookmark feature being an advantage in the near future. 

Reader Mode 

Reader Mode provides a better reading experience by getting rid of the noise. This feature turns tweet threads into clutter-free text that you can read all at once. Twitter threads are popular for businesses because they often want to expand on topics. Now these tweets will be far easier for people to read. 

Color Theme and App Icons 

Twitter Blue subscribers can also choose the color of their UX display. Twitter offers a wide range of color options that are already available on desktop, but now they are available on the Twitter app as well. Additionally, Twitter Blue users will get a new selection of custom app icons to explore. 

Dedicated Support 

Lastly, Twitter Blue users will have access to customer support. It’s uncertain exactly how much priority Blue users will be given and how much better the responses will be, but it’s a nice perk if you prefer around-the-clock, dedicated support. 

What do you think about Twitter Blue and its advanced features? Is this something you see your business paying for or are you planning to wait? Like most things, the future will tell. But until then, we definitely recommend having Twitter Blue on your radar as a potential addition to your social media marketing strategy. 

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