Everything You Need To Know About Twitter for Professionals

Twitter first started to gain momentum in 2007, and it hasn’t stopped since. Its popularity among the younger generations is indisputable. Now, Twitter is offering a new form of profiles on the platform called Professional Profiles – and it’s turning heads in the business world!

Professional Profiles provides a new way for businesses, publishers and creators to present themselves to the world and gain traction on their channel. But what is this new feature all about? And how does it fit into the larger foundation of Twitter for Professionals? 

Let’s dive into the details behind Twitter for Professionals and how you can use this as part of your social media marketing strategy.

What is a Professional Profile on Twitter? 

Professional Profiles is Twitter’s newest way for businesses to present themselves on the platform in a more personalized way. Twitter has always been a place for customers to interact with businesses by mentioning the brand’s handle in their personal statuses and comments, but now getting in contact with a business is even easier. 

What Makes a Professional Profile Different? 

When you switch to a Professional Profile on Twitter, you will be able to display your address, contact information and work hours. This makes it easier for users to get in contact with you and see general information about your business instead of needing to leave Twitter. It is more convenient for users, and therefore, will likely bring more leads your way. 

Below, we will give you visual of the information your page can display if you switch to a Professional Profile:

  • Your business location: this will be listed directly on your profile and can even be displayed on a small map. If a user taps the location, it will offer to pull up a map and give them directions. 
  • Your hours of operation: this allows you to showcase the days and times you are open for business/available to be contacted. 
  • Your contact information: this provides options of ways a user can contact your business. They include: a phone number to call or text, sending a Twitter Direct Message or shooting you an email. 

How Do I Switch To a Professional Profile?

If you are a business, non-profit, publisher, creator or other worker, you may be able to access this feature. You will need to fill out an application via the Twitter app to be recognized as a Professional Profile. Once you are approved, you can begin to edit your profile to include contact information, working hours, etc. to make it easier for users to answer questions they may have about you. 

How Will Professional Profiles Impact Twitter?

Truthfully, this new feature won’t make much of an impact on the way users experience Twitter, other than the fact that it makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the site to draw traffic to their shops. For the most part, Professional Profiles simply makes it more convenient for users to gather needed information about a profile that they would otherwise have to find on Google!

If you haven’t already applied to be a Professional Profile on Twitter, apply today! Twitter has already begun talking about adding more features for Professional Profiles including a newsletter section and a direct link to your website. Switching to a Professional Profile may give your business the boost it needs in the New Year! 

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