Top Instagram Updates for Summer 2022

Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social networks worldwide, with over one billion monthly active users. And it’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon, as new features and functionalities continue to be rolled out. Many of these updates pertain to businesses and helping users support their favorite brands. 

To help you stay up-to-date with the latest Instagram updates, we’ve compiled a list of the most important changes that have happened during the summer. 

Top Instagram Updates June 2022

  • Confirm age. Instagram launches new ways for users to confirm their age. You can upload your ID, use face-based age prediction or social vouching.
  • Auto-generated captions. When you upload an Instagram Reel, auto-generated captions will automatically turn on. This feature is designed to make captioning content easier for creators. 
  • AR closed captions. Instagram is also launching new closed caption AR effects for Reels that let you enhance your videos in fun and unique ways. For example, you can turn dialogue into humorous closed captions that look like text message chats or comic book captions. 
  • Audio features. There are three new audio features in Instagram Reels. You can adjust the volume and add a voiceover, import audio from any reel in your library and choose a voice to read your text (instead of your own). 
  • Creators Marketplace. Instagram announces that they are testing the Creator Marketplace, a feature that will allow creators to connect with brands for branded content partnerships directly in the app. 

Top Instagram Updates July 2022 

  • Instagram Reels templates. Instagram now provides pre-built Reels templates that everybody can use to create a Reel fast. 
  • Instagram Maps. Instagram is also making changes to the Map functionality. The Map now includes an option to search for local businesses by category. 
  • Instagram Subscriptions. Subscriptions are designed to help creators get recurring revenue and a dependable stream of income. New updates include Subscriber Chats, Reels, Posts and Home. 

Other Updates and Features to Make Note Of 

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app – it’s now venturing into the ecommerce space. As part of these new features, Meta announced on July 18 that users will be able to make payments without leaving the app. 

Through the app, users can message online businesses, finalize their orders and ask questions. They can also make relevant customizations and track their orders all from the app. Instagram is also experimenting with a new format of disappearing content. ‘Notes’ allows creators to share notes with their ‘Close Friends’ at once. 

And finally, Instagram is focusing on creating more inclusive and immersive experiences for users. One way they’re doing this is by making a slew of changes in their colors, logo, typeface and other brand elements. The new typefaces will be included in Stories and Reels. 

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