Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be Using?

Clients often ask us which social media platforms they should be using actively. It’s a great question since there are many social platforms to consider, ranging from the more serious LinkedIn and Facebook, to the more fun and playful TikTok and Snapchat. There is no one right answer for every business, but there are some general guidelines to follow. 

What we can say is that you don’t need to be everywhere at once. It’s best to focus your time and efforts on a few platforms and then branch out if you have the resources. Below is an overview of the most popular social media channels and what they can offer your business. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook remains one of the most popular networks, and it makes a great fit for practically every business. When used correctly, Facebook shows the human side of your business and keeps your audience in the loop. Over 2 billion people use Facebook actively, and there is a wide range of demographics. There are also affordable ad options that will help you target specific audiences. 

TikTok Marketing 

TikTok already has over 1 billion users, so it’s a great platform if you’re looking to reach a large audience at once, particularly younger audiences across the globe. TikTok has a playful vibe, so it challenges businesses to put a fun-loving spin on their day-to-day operations. Videos are short, about 15 seconds long, though you can go up to 10 minutes. If you have more complex topics to discuss, break up your videos into multiple parts. 

Instagram Marketing 

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, with numbers steadily increasing over the past 5 years. We recommend Instagram for businesses that have a visual product because this platform relies heavily on images and videos. The network also has a variety of fun and engaging tools like Instagram Live and Instagram Stories that can help expand your reach and show a behind-the-scenes look of your operations.

Twitter Marketing 

For businesses that want to deliver quick and direct messages in real time, Twitter is a great platform. It has a younger demographic, as most of its users are under age 50. Some of the top-performing content pieces are how-to articles and listicles, as well as quotations, facts, statistics and images. You can also post a lot of content to this platform – up to five times a day! It’s the place to be if you have a lot to say! 

LinkedIn Marketing 

As the largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn is best for B2B businesses looking to expand their reach and build relationships with leads. LinkedIn has a smaller platform of 260 million users, but this also makes it easier to find and engage with your leads while building your reputation as an industry leader. Plus, the majority of LinkedIn members want to engage with brands to help them make smarter purchase decisions. 

Snapchat Marketing 

Like TikTok, Snapchat offers new and creative ways to connect with a larger audience. There are over 300 million monthly active users, but the platform isn’t weighed down by businesses just yet. This means that you can break through the noise and secure your spot on the channel. Snapchat favors short, engaging and time-sensitive content. It also has a younger demographic, as 40 percent of users are between 18 and 24. 

These are some of the hottest social media platforms right now, and they offer a relatively even playing field for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about creating the perfect mix of content for your social media channels, contact Yovia Social today.

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